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M AND M HERPS Price List

Sandusky, Ohio

as of 10/14/02


CB01 2.2 Hypo X Okeetee - $40.ea. or $75.pair
CB01 , 1.1 Okeetee (50% het for Amel & 50% het for hypo) $60.ea $
CB02 , 1.1 Okeetee Corns - $25.ea. or $40.pair
CB02 , 2.6 Anery Corns - $25.ea.
CB02 , 1.1 Zig-Zag Corns - $25.ea. or $40.pair
CB02 , 1.1 Charcoal Corns - $25.ea. or $40.pair
CB02 , 1.1 Anery Corns (100% het for Blizzard) - $30.ea. or $50.pair
CB02 , 3.3 Amel Corns - $25.ea.
CB02 , 4.2 Snow Corns -$30.ea.

RAT snakes:
CB00 1.0 Southern Great Plains Rat snake - $75.
CB00 , 1.0 Black Rat snake(North Carolina local) - $50.
CB01 , 1.1 Texas Rat snakes - $35.ea. or $60.pair
CB02 , 0.4 Everglades Rats - $25.ea.
CB02 , 0.0.4 Bairds Rats - $35.ea.
CB02 , 2.0 Taiwan Beauty Rats - $40.ea

KING snakes:
CB01 0.1 Lavender Cal. King (striped phase) - $75.
CB02 , 1.1 Albino Cal. King's (striped phase) - $50.ea. or $75.pair
CB02 , 1.2 Desert Kings (Spendita) - $35.ea. or $55.pair or $90.trio
CB02 , 0.1 Black Milk snake - $75.

LTC 1.0 Bull Snake - $50.oo
CB02 , 2.2 African House Snake (Red X Olive phase) - $30.ea.
CB02 , 1.1 Western Hognose (Hypo X Blood Red,Het for Cream phase) (ask for info)
$200.ea or $300. pair. ( paper work available from breeder)

CB00 1.0 Col. Rainbow Boa - $125.
CB01 , 0.1 Mylasian Blood Python - $150.
CB00 , 0.1 Dumerils Boa (Classic Dumms stock) - $200.
CB02 , 0.0.2 Kenyan Sand Boa - $40.ea.
CB02 , 1.1 Red Tail Boa's(50% het for Albino) - $250.pair

CB02 Leopard Gecko's (assorted high end color phase's) - $50. - $75.ea
CB02 , 1.2 Hypo/Tangerine Leopard Gecko's -$60.ea. or $150.trio
CB02 , 6.1. P. Pictus Gecko's (sub-adult - $30.ea. / baby's - $20.ea.

TORT's & FROG's:
CH02 , 1.0 Green Pac-Man Frog - $25.
CB02 , 3in. Florida Softshell Turtles - $10.ea.
CB02 , 3in. Mississippi Map Turtle - $25.
CB02 , Whites (Dumpy) Tree Frogs - $8.oo ea. or 2 for$10.oo
CB02 , Tomato Frog's - $10.oo ea.

***All lizards are hand tame,eating crickets,meal worms,greens,&bird seed***

*****All FROGS are eating crickets, meal worms,& sm.pinky mice*****


CB00 or older male Spotted Python, and females also.
CB or LTC 2 years old or older, female Amazon Tree Boa's (any color phase's)must be tame!!
CB00 or older female Kenyan Sand Boa's
CB Rankins Dragon (either sex,or age)must be healthy!!
Always open to different types of reptiles,so ask you never know???

***All must be healthy & eating, & pic's*****

Pic's availible of any of the above reptiles upon request!
Serious inquiries only.


Black Swamp Bedding is 100% natual, organic matter, compressed into brick form for economical handling and storage.Black Swamp Bedding is made from a natural renewable resource. It is sterile and has a neutral pH. Its physical properties make it an ideal medium for use as a bedding for Chameleons, frogs, iguanas, lizards, snakes, turtles, tarantulas, etc. Black Swamp Bedding is safe, clean, oderless, non-toxic, absorbant and will not irritate skin or eyes. One brick will make on third of a cubic foot of bedding material, enough to cover a 40-gallon terrarium. Used Black Swamp Bedding can be recycled for use in your garden and also as a soil amendment or replacement for peat moss. The bricks are used in organic garding, or potting and can be combined with other growing mediums, such as sand, perlite and bark. $5.00EA. (larger quantities at wholes sale price,contact for more info)

We do accept PAYPAL, but you need to email us your order FIRST and then we can send you a bill through PAYPAL. You can also call in your order and give us your email address and we will email you the PAYPAL request. As soon as the payment is received we will ship your animals. If you don't have a PAYPAL account you can scroll to the bottom of this page and open an account for FREE.

Thank you for your business,& Take care

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